Timeless shapes

Our story

Mangrove was born between Martinique, in the Caribbean and Angoulême, in the south-west of France, with the goal of shaping quality boards thanks to modern craftsmanship.


A crafting view combined with modern manufacturing techniques to offer boards with exclusive designs for passionate riders.


A passionate creator for riding boards but also for art and design, drawing his inspiration from the origins of surfing and skateboarding

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Our workshop

We constantly source new materials, methods and technologies to create authentic and innovative designs.


All our R&D is done in our atelier and each model is shaped with a selection of wood and high quality materials.

We create unique designs available only in limited edition with innovations presented for each new collection.

What sets us appart

We design our boards differently because we believe in the unique value of our ideas and products


Our philosophy is to show the difference between apparent and real quality


Our reason for being

Mangrove means sharing a common passion for riding boards and having memorable adventures. The pleasure and sensations of the rider are our main concerns. All our riders participate in the testing and improvement of our products.